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Transgender is a term which is used to describe people who have a gender identity different than the gender assigned at birth. Trans women and trans men transition to feel more comfortable with their body and expressing themselves, feeling born in the wrong body for a long time and trying to hide it can cause mental distress, nobody should be ashamed at expressing themselves. Gender dysphoria is a term used to describe the distress transgender people can experience. Many transgender people go on Hormone Replacement Therapy so their body can better fit their identity. There are many different categories in which transgender people identify as. Transgender is an umbrella term since there is a wide variety of transgender people.

Transgender individuals are often born with physical characteristics of one sex, but identify as the opposite sex, the brain or body may be developed unique at birth. Not all transgender people start Hormone Replacement Therapy, and not everyone gets surgery, but many do. Some just like to cross dress and not start any hormones, and no surgeries. Some people do not transition out of financial, personal or medical reasons.

For many transgender people, expressing your true self can be challenging to overcome, some need to find time to be alone to feel comfortable, expressing inner feelings isn't always easy, but feels right. Self expression is a basic human right, or should be in places it's not. Gender identity is different than sexual orientation, a trans person can be attracted to the opposite sex, or the same.

Some cultures in history have recognized transgender people while many have been suppressed, killed or subject to inhumane treatment by people. Around the world transgender people face discrimination, hate, violence, sexual abuse and and physical abuse just for being who they are. Some may be open and honest about being transgender while many live in fear and suppress their feelings, sometimes leading to trauma, mental distress and depression. Transgender people have been shown to show a high rate of suicide, discrimination doesn't help, were all human beings.